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Oasis’s Wonderwall: Soccer Anthem in… Minnesota?

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“You’ll Never Walk Alone” and Liverpool. “Sweet Caroline” and the Boston Red Sox. Throughout sports there are numerous instances of teams that adopt songs, anthems, or chants, and eventually the two become synonymous.

Consider Minnesota United FC and “Wonderwall” as another pairing to add to the list. But how did 90’s British Rock anthem become associated with a club in Minnesota? Discover the evolution of “Wonderwall” and Minnesota United, how it began, and then survived various iterations of the team — and ultimately how it’s grown into the spectacle it is today.

“The Ritual” is a new feature series that goes behind the stories of the most unique MLS matchday rituals and the ways in which they bring to life the culture of soccer in North America.

Episode 1 – Golden Spike –
Episode 2 – Victory Log –
Episode 3 – North Star Bell –

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8 thoughts on “Oasis’s Wonderwall: Soccer Anthem in… Minnesota?

    1. Complete nonsense. The English don’t hate that fact. About 0.01% of them no this club sings it. And if anything have no say on the matter. Good luck to them

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