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Big Shot Oversized Training Basketball to Bust Out of a Shooting Slump & Improve Arc

The Big Shot Oversized Training Basketball is a 33" basketball that helps players shoot with better arc and bust players out of shooting slumps. The regular basketball will feel so small in a player's hands after using the Big Shot increasing confidence in their shot. Join our Facebook Coaching &

Russia Finland 81 67 Preparation game highlights for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019, August 18

Россия победила Финляндию со счетом 81:67. Лучшие моменты - Россия - Финляндия. Venäjä Suomi 81 67 FIBA: n koripallon maailmancup 2019 -valmistelut, 18. elokuuta Make sure you're checking out more of my videos and "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified every time about new video!

Let’s Watch Some International Basketball! | FIBA WORLD CUP

The World Cup of basketball is almost upon us, we will be watching and Analyzing the whole event here on Flex Sports before the NBA season tips off. We start with the scrimmages that have begun the past week weeks watching USA play Spain, and Giannis and Greece play Bogdanovic

BEST Basketball Movie Ever? | FamousLos & Filayyyy React

The FamousLos & Filayyyy shows returns with an interview with the legendary Spice Adams, a debate on the BEST basketball movie ever and reactions to some of the CRAZIEST ankle breakers ever! 0:23 - Reacting to YOUR videos 1:52 - Refs be Like 3:11 - Interview with SPICE ADAMS 5:30 - What is your